Meet ENABLE: The All-in-One Powerhouse for

Are you ready to witness the beginnings of an industry in flux? Welcome to ENABLE, the only platform that F&B needs. 

Meet ENABLE: The All-in-One Powerhouse for

Are you ready to witness the beginnings of an industry in flux? Welcome to ENABLE, the only platform that F&B needs. 

Join The Innovators Leading The Way

Here's a Taste of What We Do 🍽️

OrdersHub: Seamless Order Management

Keeps an eye on every order coming in and out, making sure you’re running like a well oiled machine!

  • Monitor Orders From All Channels
  • Instantly Update Order Status
  • Intuitive and Easy UX

And we’re just getting started!

DirectEats: Blazing Fast Commission-Free Website

Serve up meals, speed up service and monitor every inch of your restaurant floor!

  • Data Driven Insights
  • Smart Upselling
  • Realtime Order Tracking
Buono has been working with ENABLE for over one year now. I went to them with a list of problems and a dream vision of how I wanted to technologically transform our company, in order to provide our customers with the best possible service. From the very beginning, they just "got it!" They created a tailor-made platform for us based on my vision and have just never stopped adjusting, modifying, and improving it. The overwhelming factor of satisfaction for me when working with ENABLE, is that they quite simply share the same level of passion that we have
Mr Vito Cerabona
General Manager - Buono Qatar

The ENABLE Pillars of Excellence

Everything is Custom

Your business is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are we. You pick and choose the tools you need and we will further customize to your business 

Conversations At The Core

Conversations build relationships! ENABLE combines calls, whatsapp and own channels in one platform.

Follow The Customer

True Omnichannel Growth means meeting your customers where they are. Physical or Digital, ENABLE has the tools you need to excel

AI In The Background

AI is not just chatgpt. AI means optimizing every interaction automatically. The ENABLE AI has been quietly optimizing all our customer processes while staying out of their way. They focus on making the best dish, ENABLE AI focuses on everything else

Meet the ENABLE ecosystem! Everything you need,
Everything Done-For-You

And guess what... F&B is not all we do!

We work with retail brands, as well as full on malls!

  • We are the only platform F&B needs
  • We convert retail into fully digital experiences
  • We digitize entire malls!

FAQ, even though we'd love to answer your questions in person!

Q. What is ENABLE Tech?

ENABLE Tech is a full platform that aimes to be the only digital tool F&B business need to run their business. 

Q. I want ENABLE, but not everything in it, is that ok?

ENABLE is built like a menu at a restaurant, you only pay for what you order. Add the modules you need, when you need them. Oh and you get a bundle discount when you do!

Q. Is ENABLE a subscription (SAAS)?

We like to call ourselves a TAAS (Turnkey as a Service), but yes you subscribe to ENABLE as whole or by module on a yearly basis.

Q. Did you say TAAS? What is that?

That simply means when you subscribe to ENABLE you will have absolutely everything you need to run your business. We are not some SAAS tool that only focuses on your website or scheduling, we help you with everything, from the moment the customer says hi 👋 until they say "THAT WAS THE BEST MEAL EVER 🤯"